Thurstan Crockett


Need a change in life?  Want to do more of what you’d love? Feeling a lack of clarity and purpose?  Not living in a way that’s really true for you?  
If any of this sounds familiar about you, contact me for a free hour-long taster session to see if my coaching would work for you. Coaching achieves fantastic results.


 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together”
Having sat in circle with hundreds of people, I am now firmly of the opinion that spending time as a group, in a sacred space, holding a shared intention, is the most potent transformation technology currently available.


One of the strongest values I’ve held throughout my adult life is the need to rebalance humanity and nature. 

 I moved to Cornwall for a deeper connection with nature, wildlife and the sea, and steadily found a calling to support sustainability professionals through coaching and retreats. 

Consultancy work is a natural return for me to work I’ve been steeped in.

Take it from those I’ve worked with

“Be prepared to open your heart, your mind and expect the unexpected results. Being in nature really helps you connect with who you really are, gives you focus and clarity.”

Since I’ve taken up coaching with Thurstan, I’ve managed to find out more about myself, what makes me tick and where I struggle. He’s helped guide me through situations that I’ve struggled to think through and imparted the ability to think before I speak.

“Thurstan is an excellent facilitator who will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-determination and will guide you through some amazingly beautiful locations and walks.”