About me

My name is Thurstan Crockett, I’m 59 and I live in beautiful West Cornwall by the sea with my partner Thea and son Tom.
I’m a coach, retreat leader and sustainability consultant who loves working with people who want to do great things; with catalysts and visionaries who are focused on creating a more sustainable and joyful world.
As an experienced coach with five years of training through William Whitecloud’s fabulous Natural Success programme, I’m led by my intuitively-derived life choices, or goals including:
  • running retreats in – and exploring – magical, wild places across the world
  • a thriving, vibrant and profitable business, doing what I love – running retreats, coaching and teaching, with nature as my greatest ally
  • taking my joint retreat business In Through the Outdoors to a higher level of success and reward
  • Powerful new work with fathers of sons
  • being a shamanic elder, leading young people into their resilience and power, and being a potent leader in abandofbrothers.org.uk
  • being a prolific, diverse and inspirational writer –  poet, blogger and nature writer
  • getting my book – about Incredible Encounters with Nature Revealing our True Myth to us – ready for editing
If you’d like your own set of specific Choices, or any of these spark an interest, do get in touch with me: Tel: ++7890 743 259  Skype: thurstan.crockett
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