I am a life coach and I work 1:1 with my clients to help them live a more fulfilling and rich life. I am an accredited “Natural Success” coach taught by William Whitecloud and have over years of experience now, with happy and productive clients who are living fuller, truer lives.
The way I work is by progressively working with clients over a period of at least six months, though many stay much longer.
We explore intuition as a source of inspired and true action;  an intuitively-derived ‘Land of Plenty’ for you, resulting in a set of compelling choices (aka life goals).
You’ll learn how to tune in to these intuitively to get what action you need to get clear about.
We’ll explore your limiting beliefs and how to neutralise them; and we’ll get a strong sense of your gold – your true nature and purpose and what will serve you in creating the life you’d love.

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