In Through The Outdoors

Damian Tow and I run immersive retreats for sustainability & progressive business leaders, offering a combination of outdoor activities and inner exploration.

We invite you to one of our seasonal weekends that provide an opportunity to re-connect and be re-energised in the beautiful walking country.

We’ve developed them based on the success and learning from superb In Through the Outdoors weekends in 2018 & 2019.

We are experienced sustainability professionals working to inspire and connect others through a combination of outdoor adventure and intuitive training. We’re generally looking to host up to 12 peers during our weekend event.

We often choose cosy bunkhouses in the heart of North Wales – accessible by train or car-share; or the beautiful coast of West Cornwall with camping and fires; in the years ahead we plan to get to the wild and rugged north of Scotland and the spectacular scenery of the French Alps.

Indicatively for North Wales we have charged £300 per person for the weekend programme and main meals, and £40pp for accommodation in shared rooms. You can book on our retreats below to secure a place right away; or contact me for more information

We also offer a follow-up complimentary personal or business coaching session to help turn your project ideas into reality. There is an opportunity to explore a longer-term coaching relationship too.

Why come to our retreats?

Each weekend event is designed to re-energise through a powerful package of outdoor activities and inner exploration, providing a platform to develop new awareness and connections.

Too often, once we get into our working lives we can get isolated and lose sight of our vision and passion; we can feel demotivated and can lack the clarity or drive to connect with our peers to create innovative solutions and great new projects.
Each weekend has opportunities for reflection, nature connection and learning, and you’ll get new insights into what you’d love to work on, and inspiration from meeting other participants in our sector.


“The weekend gave me a real push along my journey of self discovery – very different doing something for few days at once rather than short regular sessions – I have been at peace since… 

“The whole experience was extremely well planned and relaxed and constantly thought-provoking. The group was big enough to provide a really good mix who all seemed to bond well. Walking and talking is just the best way to meet people and learn their stories. Damian, Thurstan and Rachel were all spot on hosts!” 

“Be prepared to open your heart, your mind and expect the unexpected results. Being in nature really helps you connect with who you really are, gives you focus and clarity.”             

Highlights from a typical ITTO weekend:

• Guided meditations to activate your intuition
• Two led hill walks in the dramatic mountains and woodlands
• Focused opportunities to connect with, and take inspiration from nature – and apply this
• Both networking and structured collaborations with fellow sustainability & progressive business leaders
• Tasty, wholesome evening meals and good accommodation
• Follow up support to act on your ideas


“It was powerful. I feel rejuvenated. A fantastic experience”.

“The structure was put together really well and well thought through.  The opening and closing sessions consisted of journeying together with a small group and not working too late with time to self-reflect. The mix of Thurstan and Damian were brilliant guides and features in the land and nature where you can make connections, plus the food was good!”

Thurstan Crockett

Thurstan Crockett

Retreat Leader

Thurstan Crockett is an accredited Natural Success coach who empowers environmental visionaries. He is a sustainability consultant with 30 years’ experience, spanning business, voluntary and public sectors. He recently completed 10 years as head of sustainability and environmental policy at Brighton, where he worked to secure One Planet City status – the first city to achieve it. He also made it central to the city region’s successful bid to secure UNESCO World Biosphere status – the first new designation in the UK for nearly 40 years.
email: Tel: 07890 743 259 Skype: thurstan.crockett

Damian Tow

Damian Tow

Retreat Leader

Damian Tow has 26 years’ experience as a project manager, technology consultant, social entrepreneur and completed a masters in leadership for sustainability in 2009. He is a founder of Brighton Energy Co-op and much of his present focus is on implementing community-owned renewable energy in the South East. He is also a qualified leader in trekking, mountain biking and skiing and is passionate about introducing people to outdoor adventures and helping them reconnect with the natural world. email: Tel: 07941 433 595 Skype: damoto3

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