“Be prepared to open your heart, your mind and expect the unexpected results. Being in nature really helps you connect with who you really are, gives you focus and clarity.”
In Through the Outdoors retreat weekend

“I found Thurstan’s “In Through the Outdoors” weekend truly enlightening – discovering my under-use of intuition and lack of appreciation for nature’s integral role in my wellbeing. I joined when at a crossroads, and Thurstan continued coaching me 1-2-1 through my transition to a more focussed, mindful and fulfilled life. Thurstan’s creativity, integrity and intuition make for a powerful coach and friend”.   

Since I’ve taken up coaching with Thurstan, I’ve managed to find out more about myself, what makes me tick and where I struggle. He’s helped guide me through situations that I’ve struggled to think through and imparted the ability to think before I speak. Thurstan is a coach unlike most others, as he has a method for everything, and they work. He’s kind hearted, a warm soul who will support you through whatever you go through, even if you don’t have the strength to do so yourself.

Thurstan has intuition and empathy.  The way both facilitators held space and delivered beautifully – it was a great weekend. Score: 9/10 

I loved working with Thurstan as a coach.
As a social entrepreneur, for me it is all about finding a good balance. A more centered way of being is exactly what Thurstan has shown me. He’s taught me different practical tools to master a more intuitive way of living and did so with passion and compassion, always with the thruth in mind.
I’m very thankful to him for helping me create 13 beautiful life choices that I still look at daily. His passion for poetry and writing made it all very lively and easy to understand.

“Good facilitators – I felt held, it was well-structured and they worked well together.  The content is exactly what I’m dealing with – it made sense”

“I loved the Saturday, men’s stuff, physical work – a different connection with people and self – having a laugh – and Ioved lighting fires
The Centre Fire space was amazing for the end of each day – Embercombe itself was wonderful” – The Gallant Men Retreat I co-led with Taylor Roark

“Thurstan is an excellent facilitator who will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-determination and will guide you through some amazingly beautiful locations and walks.”

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from my coaching so far with Thurstan which has helped me with clarity and unlocking my life purpose.


In addition to Thurstan using the Natural Success approach, his coaching is very aligned to, and sometimes take place in, the great outdoors which I am equally passionate about so really get the most out of the coaching.


Thurstan is a very authentic coach and has been generous with his time in supporting a number of us through Natural Success training too.”

“Since I’ve taken up coaching  I’ve managed to find out more about myself and where I struggle. He’s guided me through situations that I’ve struggled with and taught me to think before I speak. He’s a kind-hearted, warm soul who supports you no matter what, even if you don’t have the strength to do so yourself.”

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